Why Temple Road

Temple Road came to me in a dream years ago. A dream that was so powerful, it insisted on being seen in detail and vibrant colors. I had little choice but to question its meaning. I offer you the dream which created the vision that became Temple Road Yoga.

As I step onto the cool dirt road, I can feel the damp red clay work its way between my toes and I begin to walk. The air feels like spring time, with the sun shining bright at 1 o’clock.

Gazing up at the glistening sun and clear blue sky, I feel a deep peace come over me. My eyes follow the sun, leading me to a breathtaking sight. In the distance and down a hill, there are countless temples, lining the right side of the road. I feel an overwhelming sense of reverence and I stand for a moment in the shade of these massive structures, feeling their presence. The architecture is magnificent with every detail mindfully etched and adorned with colorful gems, and glistening stones. The temples feel old, really old. I walk toward a temple that looks familiar to me. It’s a grayish white cathedral with a steeple that stretches high into the open sky. I sense countless prayers and messages from past generations contained within these walls.

Stepping closer, an unexpected darkness begins to envelope me and despair takes root in the pit of my belly. I am compelled to move forward. Gathering my courage, I push open the large wooden doors. The moment I step over the threshold and look inside, my heart begins to ache. Everything inside is in complete disarray; everywhere my eyes look, there are remnants of things that have been broken, unkempt, abandoned. This beautiful house of God has been violated and pillaged. I see broken chalices, stained glass windows, overturned pews and dust floating in the thick musky air. My presence disturbs a couple of birds and they fly up to perch on the landing of a broken window. One of the birds peers down at me as if to ask, “Do you know why you are here?” The sadness overtakes me and I begin weeping. As the sorrow rises from my belly, I can’t contain it and my body begins to heave as though I am giving birth. Shaken by the experience, I wake up, feel the tears on my cheeks and take a deep breath. In that moment, I know I have caught a glimpse of something magnificent.

A glimpse into what would become the reason for this space….Temple Road. To offer those who choose, an opportunity to step over the threshold of their own temple and embrace the grace of God that is able to enlighten every soul.

Temple Road Yoga is meant to encourage, and support, while offering a safe place for prayer, yoga and meditation. Our temples may look different on the outside, but inside, we are all the same…sacred and loved. The practice is to remember who we are.

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