July – Rising Lotus Women’s Yoga & Group Therapy

Thursday, July 12, 19, & 26 from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.
Cost: $40 per session

Just as the Lotus flower grows deep in the mud before rising to the light, we evolve through healing our traumas. Rising Lotus was created to provide a safe place to heal, transform and become better connected with yourself and others. Combining the science of psychology and the restorative power of yoga, we will provide you with the tools to heal from the past, cope with present difficulties and envision a bright future.

30-45 minutes of postures, breath-work and deep stretching to release muscle tension. The yoga practice will be followed by traditional group talk therapy. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. All yoga material provided. Open to all levels. This class is co-taught by Angel Brownlee and Dr. Mandy Jordan.

Pre-registration is required to attend. Contact to request intake forms.

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Energetic Medicine Sessions with Shaman Bridget Boland

Sunday, July 15 

All of us possess an inner knowing, an “intuitive compass” meant to guide us through our lives. This tool is made up of our intellectual/logical brain, our heart, the feeling/emotional center, and our gut, which processes and “digests” information we receive from the world around us. When all of these areas are open and receptive –and we pay attention to what they are telling us!—we make empowered, dynamic choices in our relationships, careers and other areas of our lives.  Energetic medicine techniques can help clear blocks that clog our intuitive centers. They can also help us identify our deepest longings and desires and empower us to manifest them in our daily lives now!        

Bridget Boland is a shamanic energy healer certified by The Four Winds, an award-winning writer, Forrest Yoga teacher, birth and death coach, and former attorney. Bridget strives to provide a sanctuary for students to explore their emotional, energetic and physical landscapes through breath, movement and energetic processes including soul retrieval and destiny retrieval.  

Special Introductory Session:  Seventy-five minute “illumination” to clear stagnant energy from your body and heighten vitality, and installation of energetic bands of power and protection to help you stay centered in yourself and free of others’ negative energy.  This powerful work facilitates profound physical, emotional and energetic transformation.   

Sessions will occur in person Sunday July 15. Special Introductory Fee: $197.

 To register for a session or for more information contact Bridget at or 214-682-1207.

In addition to private sessions, Bridget offers house clearings and blessings, fire ceremonies, group instruction, corporate classes, pre/postnatal yoga and yoga/creative writing/energetics workshops. Learn more about her work at, and her debut novel, The Doula, at

Reiki Restorative Gong Session

Friday, July 27 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $50

Come enjoy the healing effects of Reiki & Restorative Yoga with the soothing and relaxing power of Gong Meditation. Experience deep rest in restorative yoga postures while you receive hands-on energy work (Reiki) and sound therapy to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance. Kenny will provide the vast array of sound as Angel provides hands-on assists and therapeutic energy work. Limited to 12 participants.

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Mudra Medicine Series Part 1

Thursdays, September 6, 13, 20, 27 from 6:15 – 7:15 p.m.

Cost: $24 each session or $90 for full series

Our first Mudra Medicine was a huge success so we’ve decided to bring it back one more time!! Join Angel for this 4-week series in July as we dive into the mystery of using hand seals to harmonize energy in the body and mind. Each mudra has unique qualities and purpose.
We are also planning a part 2 version for those who wish to This class is perfect for teachers and students alike who wish to travel deeper in their yoga journey.
During our time together, we will also include breath work and yoga asana exploration.

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Note: Refund Policy

All sales on workshops and trainings are final with the exception of an unforeseen emergency.  Credits may be given in special circumstances. Classes and workshops are non-transferrable.