bethanywebbprofilepicSATURDAY, April 8TH 1-4PM, $50 1st Timers – $40 Repeaters

“People go to India to find a guru, but you don’t have to: you’re living with one. Your partner will give you everything you need for your own freedom.” ~Byron Katie

Feeling stuck, frustrated, or annoyed in a relationship? Tired of depending on someone else to be happy? Experience how bringing your stressful thoughts to inquiry can actually transform your relationship with your partners, parents, siblings, children, friends, bosses, and most importantly: yourself. Join us for 2nd session of “The Work”shop series with Yoga Therapist & Certified Facilitator, Bethany WebbThe Work of Byron Katie is a simple and profound process of identifying and questioning thoughts that create stress. It’s a way to clear the mind and fall in love with reality, just as it is. Some benefits from an ongoing practice are:


  • greater sense of inner peace & joy
  • direct experience of yogic principles: oneness, presence, acceptance, non-attachment, and non-judgment
  • deeper relationships with self and others
  • more creativity & clarity in life and work
  • less physical tension in the body
  • trust in a friendly universe

Experience the happiness of undoing your stressful thoughts through inquiry, and allow your mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature. For more info, visit or