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Our studio door is open 15 minutes prior to scheduled class times and the door is locked once class begins.

“I’m so stiff!  There’s no way I can do yoga.”

Of course you can! Inflexibility gives you something to breathe and move into as you begin practicing yoga. Having clear boundaries in the body lets you know where you may be holding stress. This is good to know, as you cannot release what you don’t see or feel. If you still aren’t convinced, sign up for our Beginner Hatha Yoga class Sunday (donation-based).

“I need to lose weight before I come to a yoga class.”

Yogis come in all shapes and sizes. You are welcome here. All of our teachers encourage radical self-acceptance. Besides, most everyone comes to yoga for the first time just as self-conscious as you. You may prefer testing the yoga waters by scheduling a private yoga session with one of our beloved teachers.

“Is yoga a religion?”

Yoga is a science that explores the development of human consciousness and can be practiced safely by anyone of any faith.

You Belong Here

Studio Guidelines

  • No pre-registration is required, just drop in a few minutes early so we can get to know you.
  • All classes begin and end promptly. The door is locked once class begins, so please be on time.
  • Be prepared to practice barefoot with loose/stretchy comfortable clothes, for all classes. Avoid clothing with zippers and buttons.
  • We have a few mats you can borrow until you get your own. Using your own mat is highly recommended.
  • For your comfort do not eat a large meal two hours prior to a class. Bring your own water bottle. We do have a water dispenser.
  • Please do not wear heavy cologne or perfumes.
  • If you have an injury or any other serious health condition, please let your teacher know before class begins.
  • Remember to have fun and enjoy the journey!