Yoga Therapy



“When this body has been so magnificently and artistically created by God, it is only fitting that we should maintain it in good health and harmony by the most excellent and artistic science of Yoga.”

-Geeta Iyengar


At Temple Road Yoga, our mission has always been to provide a safe and welcoming place for all yogis, from all backgrounds and all experience levels to be able to practice the joys of yoga and mindfulness. This is why we focus our attention on yoga therapy and ways to provide the most healing offerings to adults in Fort Worth.


We have been the leading yoga therapy studio in Fort Worth since 2012, specializing in restorative, yin, hatha and therapeutic yoga offerings, including private yoga therapy sessions and group therapy for women. What this means for our students is that each of you will be able to find a safe, comforting, and caring place to practice yoga, mindfulness, visualization, and breathing techniques.


Yoga therapy is meant to help students receive relief from ailments, injuries, traumas, emotional stress, or other forms of health conditions that are affecting their daily lives. Our yoga therapists are trained to listen and pay attention to our students’ bodies in order to provide the right sequencing, breath work and alignment cues to assist in better health. Each of our therapists have extensive training in teaching yoga and they hold licenses in the field of yoga therapy as certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.


As we all know, one dis-ease often creates other problems in life: stress leads to lack of sleep, lack of sleep leads to frustration during the day, frustration during the day leads to eating poorly and other inadequate choices. The same with many dis-eases such as cancer and depression: these conditions create problems in many other areas of our lives. One thing yoga therapy does is to help our students not only cope with a dis-ease or trauma, but it also has many other positive effects: helping with mindfulness, stress relief, sleep patterns, and more.


At Temple Road, you’ll find open, caring and non-judgmental yoga therapists to assist you with many health-related conditions that appear throughout life. We are committed to being the leading yoga therapy studio in Fort Worth, and would love for you to visit to learn more. We offer at least 15 group classes a week, in addition to private yoga therapy sessions and one weekly group yoga therapy session.


Please contact Angel Brownlee at to set up an appointment or stop by the studio for any one of our classes. You’ll find a community of welcoming, loving individuals from all walks of life waiting to meet you.